A baby themed comic collection is another great baby

  Baby shower crafts can be fun and easy to make. Here are some practical ideas to make sure your baby shower is a huge success. All you need is a little money,Polyester Linings Fabric Suppliers a little bit of time, and a whole lot of heart. These baby craft ideas are perfect for any baby shower.There are all kinds of baby shower craft ideas, ranging from simple and inexpensive to elaborate and time-consuming. You can choose the project that is right for you based on your budget and the amount of planning and preparation time you have. Baby shower Crafts can made before the baby shower or during the baby shower.

Again, it is up to you, but here are some things you might want to consider.A fun baby shower craft idea to do during the baby shower is to personalize baby gifts as they are opened. Of course, be sure the baby's name is set in stone before you begin this one! All you need to do these baby shower crafts is a variety of color fabric paint pens bought at any craft supply store.For instance, when the mother opens a baby shower gift, the most artistic one in the group can decoratively write the baby's name on the side of the baby shower gift. Be sure to check with the mother and see if she is interested in this idea.

This can save her time, as most baby shower gifts will need to be labeled anyway. Certain baby shower gifts may not be appropriate for labeling; use your best judgment. Also, some drying time may need to be allowed. Take care to prevent smudging!Another great baby shower craft idea for involving an older brother or sister is to have him or her paint a picture or write a short baby poem or letter for the new baby. When finished, this project framed and matted simply becomes one of the most meaningful baby shower gifts, no matter how artistically done. The older sibling will feel pride in their part of welcoming their new baby brother or sister.

Hang or display in a prominent place in the baby's nursery.A baby themed comic collection is another great baby shower craft idea to help lighten the rough days. Baby shower crafts of this kind takes a little more time and preparation, but what an enjoyable collection when finished!Enlist others to help hunt down the best and funniest baby themed comics around.

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You don't have to choose between the hat you like and the hat that will protect you

  Wrong. All hats are not created equal in the battle against sun damage. Most ordinary hats are made of straw, cotton or other common fabrics through which the sun's rays are able to penetrate with ease. Hats made from these fabrics typically provide only SPF 2 protection. In other words, they allow up to 50% of harmful UVB ("burning") rays and an even higher percentage of UVA ("aging") rays to penetrate the fabric and damage the skin. If the fabric is damp or wet, as is often the case after workouts or near the water, as much as 80% of the harmful UVB radiation may penetrate. For this reason, even hats that are marketed as "sun protective" may be woefully inadequate.


Many hats are labeled "sun protective" merely because they have a 4"-wide brim that covers more of your face. A wide brim, however, is ineffective if the sun's damaging rays can blast right through it.But don't despair. Thanks to technological breakthroughs spearheaded by the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) and certain textile producers, ultraviolet protective factor (UPF) fabrics have been developed that can turn an otherwise ordinary hat into a safe haven from the sun's damaging rays, preserving the skin and preventing the visible signs of aging.UPF-fabric-lined sun protective brands protect the head and face from sun damage in several ways that regular hats do not.

  First, protective hats are lined in high-performance sun protective fabric, to ensure that UVA and UVB rays cannot penetrate the hat and damaging the underlying skin. Second, the hats are designed for maximum facial and head coverage so that less skin is exposed to direct sunlight. This is achieved through such features as downward-sloping, extended brims and detachable, protective face shields.Finally, savvy designers and manufacturers realize that women will not wear unattractive accessories no matter what the health benefit, so they are designing hats that appeal to the wide-ranging fashion needs and youthful tastes of today's health-conscious women.

  You don't have to choose between the hat you like and the hat that will protect you. Thanks to the wide offering of hats from today's UPF hat manufacturers, you can obtain effective sun protection in the hat style of your choice. The hat will look great on you today, and your skin will look great for years to come.Kathleen Burke designed her first sun protective hat in an effort to integrate health and well-being with a sense of fashion. She needed such a product to better shield her own fair skin from the damage of ultraviolet light when she was enjoying outdoor activities. Burke built SunStuff, an award-winning company that has worked with a diverse clientele ? from cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists interested in healthy clients, to spas, golfers, gardeners, athletes, seniors, infants, and members of the cosmetics industry who are interested in her newest trend.

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